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The Burning Crusade

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The Burning Crusade, Fun Server📌 3rd April, 2020

Looking for a server to test your favourite class? You're at the right place. This realm has vendors for almost anything you can imagine in this expansion. Our mall is not in final form. We plan on adding more and more things to make it the most complete fun server mall you've ever seen. Therefore, feel free to throw suggestions on our Discord channel, we're listening!

We're non-profit organisation and we run CMaNGOS server with weekly updates. You can always contribute with your core or database updates. Once your pull request is approved on Github, your commit will be alive on our next weekly update.

Our server is running on decent Intel machine. All your data is stored on SSD with regular backups. If we ever allow donations, that will happen onlly for a reason to get better hardware under the hood.

Auction House Perks4th April, 2020

We offer pretty unique feature. Since auction house on fun servers are mostly useless, we decided to let Clara sell anything you could think off. If anything valuable is missing, talk with us on Discord and we will add it.

Looking for enchantments? Forget about learning profession just because of that. Check the "Consumable" group.

Get any mount or pet from auction. Make sure you check other items under "Miscellaneous" group.

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